Brief Words on the Violence of Heaven

The violence at the heart of the world is part and parcel of the beauty and the life of the whole. This is the way of things. The world cannot be sustained without this darkness, as it could not be without the light, or the endless play of their interpenetration and mutual determination. This is the truth of the world. In such a world that ineffable grace which brings the berries of summer to the bear has also written the eternal drama of the great elk and the wolves. A life from a death, a death for a life. In this web of myriad beings, in their suffering and their fortune, is the way of the earth and the integrity of the whole. It is easy to see the mutual arising of the whole in the blossoming of spring and the activity of the bees, but even the quaking body of the hare in the tight grip of the coyote’s jaws reflects the beauty of the whole. As Jeffers notes in his poem Fire on the Hills, “Beauty is not always lovely…” The blood on the stones, the sun-bleached bones of the deer, the powerful jaws of the great mountain lion perfect for killing, the cackling of the coyote and the death-shrieks of the hare are the divine. The fierce, indiscriminate violence of eco-extremism is the enactment of this primal, divine violence which does and has always worked in the heart of the world.

Eco-extremism is continuously lambasted by limp-wristed ranks of the hyper-civilized for its apparent “psychopathy” because it dares to enact this primal violence against the artificial order of the Leviathan. To the altar of law and order eco-extremism offers desecration and a blood sacrifice to the wild earth. By refusing to toe the line of humanism and progressivism it situates itself in opposition to everything that techno-industrial civilization (and this also means Man himself) stands for. It is in its very essence opposed to this entire rotten edifice from the “grid” to every hyper-civilized citizen who is just as much the manifestation of civilization as the hydro-electric dam which straight-jackets the life of the river. It refuses to place the empty abstraction of “Man” at the pinnacle of being and attacks with savagery all that which cannibalizes the beauty of the whole for the desolate wasteland of modernity. Eco-extremism is the attack of the fierce-eyed wolf against the domesticated cattle. It is the fury of the grizzly bear against he who would wander with insolence in his kingdom. It is the strength of the buffalo and the broken windows and bent metal against the hyper-civilized who have forgotten the strength and fury of this primal darkness and their place in the great webs of the world, webs within which they remain impotent despite the aggrandizement of their own abstractions.

The order of the earth has been forged over eons through this divine violence. This is the way. From out of it arose the merciless beauty of that transhuman world which man and his techno-industrial society seeks to desecrate for himself. Every bomb blast, every drop of spilled blood is a strike from out of that primal kernel of wildness which remains against the delusions and pretensions of modern man, his civilization, and all that he stands for.



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