A New Site


This is a new blog set up by one of the publishers of the now defunct La Manta Mojada, an archive which was dedicated to eco-extremist material. The site was erased by the anarchists over at the Blackblogs collective in their attempt to suppress any and all work associated with the tendency of eco-extremism. We ultimately decided to lay the project of LMM to rest primarily because the work on that site became limited to essentially copying and republishing the work that had been done by Atassa. Those working over at Atassa have done incredible work translating and disseminating material from down south, as well as producing some great homegrown material from the eco-extremist perspective in their journal and in the numerous audio reflections posted by the editor of the Atassa journal.

With that background note out of the way, I’ve set up this blog as an outlet for my own personal writing, reflections, etc.. So stay tuned for those pieces.



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